The Wine Collection

A nnouncing The Bachelor Wine Collection, your connection to the award-winning television phenomenon. These amazing wines were created to capture the excitement, romance and incredible passion viewers have for THE BACHELOR AND THE BACHELORETTE. Our dramatic collection of wines were crafted to take you on your own romantic journey as you experience every moment of love, every moment of heartbreak that is THE BACHELOR. The collection features three sensuous California wines that include The Fantasy Suite, One on One, and The Final Rosé. “I didn’t know I could feel this way…about wine!”

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Mondays are for Bachelor Wines
Love it! Ordered these for a night in at my house on Monday night. Something so fun about watching the Bachelor and sipping along with the show. The wines were all very nice and we all had fun opening and drinking them.. Rose was perfect – not too sweet and the Cab as really nice as well. If your watching the Bachelor and drinking wine, this is the way to go.
– McKennaon February 22, 2017

An Unforgettable Journey
I wasn’t ready to fall in love with another wine. I recently had a bad experience with wine and felt I needed some space. But a friend of mine urged me to go on this journey. Give wine another shot, she said. I was skeptical at first. But as soon as I met the Bachelor Wine Collector’s Pack, I knew that the risks would all be worth it in the end.

These wines were just like Bachelor Nick — approachable, smooth, kinda basic (but not in a BAD way), and perfectly shared between a bunch of tipsy women. You know that a wine is the right one when it makes you feel like the best version of yourself. This wine helped me embrace my vulnerability and my emotional, romantic side. I usually don’t let down my guard so easily, but Bachelor Wines just made me feel SO COMFORTABLE. I felt truly accepted by this wine. That is what love is. And if I can find love with Bachelor Wines, then anyone can.
– Amazon Customer March 30, 2017

You guys – these wines are so good! If you are looking for the perfect trio …
You guys – these wines are so good! If you are looking for the perfect trio to serve while you laugh, cry, and bash all of the contestants – this is it. Me and my girlfirends started with the Chardonnay, worked our way to the sassy Rose, and finished with The Fantasy Suite Cab. The more we drank the cuter Nick got, and the funnier Corrine was. I HIGHLY recommend these for any reality tv marathons, family dinners, romantic dates, or for drinking alone so you can cry during your favorite romantic movie.
– Amazon Customer March 6, 2017

… a HIT for a new Mom who shares my love for all things Bachelor
These were a HIT for a new Mom who shares my love for all things Bachelor. There is no better gift for the gal who has it all. Fantasy Suite was my personal favorite, but no complaints from the others. Well packaged, bottles and labels in tact. I ordered direct from them last time, but will definitely go via Amazon for BIP primere party.
– Suzy Goodwinon July 19, 2017

Amazing!!! Highly recommend!
You honestly can’t go wrong with these! They are delicious, affordable and the perfect gift to bring to viewing parties, dinner parties and even great additions to your bar cart as conversation starters because who doesn’t love the Bachelor!
– Twainon August 24, 2017

Great for parties!
I ordered these wines as a gift for my wife and she really enjoyed them. We had them out for a Bachelor watch party and they were a hit. The Final Rose was the best of the three, but all were tasty and I would definitely order them again!
– Oribiasion August 1, 2017

Fun concept. Tasty Wines.
These wines exceeded my expectations! A fun and tasty addition to Bachelor viewing- the talk of the party for sure. All are solid buys with the Rose being my favorite.
– MGon February 23, 2017

Amazon Customer
Ordered a bottle of The Fantasy Suite and The One on One and absolutely LOVED both. I’m a huge wine person and I was a little skeptical about ‘wine based on a tv show’ but I loved it. It just made Bachelorette mondays THAT much more great. Thank you Bachelor Wines!
– MGon July 13, 2017

Wonderful Addition for Viewing Parties!
I got this for my sister as a gift, and she loved it! We’ve enjoyed the wines throughout this season, drinking each one for the occasion reflected in their title. I only hope they continue to make more! #TeamEric
– Amazon Customer July 22, 2017

I LOVE the Bachelor Wine Collection wines
I LOVE the Bachelor Wine Collection wines!! Not only are the bottles adorable, but the wine itself is DELISH!! It’s hard not to drink them all on premier night ha!! I have ordered a couple times already and will definitely be ordering again. Highly recommend to anyone!

– Amazon Customer August 7, 2017

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